Meet Storyscript

Storyscript is the first top-level programming langauge that seamlessly connects microservices and functions together in a serverless way. We call this Application Storytelling™.

The design of Storyscript is to move data, with no boilerplate code, in a declarative and intuitive way.

Inspiration behind Storyscript

Storyscript is inspired by many popular languages to be as natural and intuitive as possible. It is declarative, strong-typed, static-typed and focused on top-level data-flow.

Example Syntax & Explanation

In the example below we have two lines of code:

  1. The first line represents event data, being pushed from a microservice.
  2. The second line represents taking action on the incoming event data, harnessing another microservice.
when service action event key:value as event  # Event-driven microservice
  res = service action key:value              # HTTP/RPC microservice
  result = someFunction(key:value)            # Any GPPL/Storyscript Function
  someString.upper()                          # A type transformation

Each service can be written in an independentent programming language, as they both adhere to the OMG Standard, which Storyscript is built around.

Upon deployment, your story (the story of your data) gets compiled and translated into a production-ready Kubernetes data pipeline, ready to respond to incoming events, of any type. No configuration required. It's the best of all worlds — you get all the benefits of Kubernetes (open cloud, etc), without any of the headaches!

Many think of Storyscript as glue code for microservices, flow-code, or pure business-logic programming. We call this top-level programming. This diagram shows how the language focuses on the most important aspect of application development: the business-logic.


Storyscript Language Values

  1. Transparency. It looks like a monolith but is a full microservice/function serverless architecure.
  2. Readability. The truth is in the code. Not only is Storyscript easy to read it's also easy to refactor, add features and traceback errors.
  3. Polyglot. Storyscript connects all existing languages together into one single cohesive story of data. This enables you to choose the right language for the job.
  4. Zero-devops Deployments. When using Storyscript, Kubernetes configuration is an afterthought: port bindings, ingress controllers, central message queues, container couplings, infrastructure configuration, and custom scaling. Focus on what matters most.


Storyscript amplifies the developer to build robust, scalable backend applications in a fraction of the time by focusing on what matters most: the story of data, everything else is noise.

Storyscript Cloud

In addition to providing a new top-level programming language, we are also providing a hosted solution for running your stories in the cloud: Storyscript Cloud.

We are currently in a closed beta.

Why Storyscript?

The developer dream is to build software like Legos; writing code as a story of data between well orchestrated services with the least amount of boilerplate and complexity.

The goal of Storyscript is to be the thread that connects everything from a top-level design: API's, databases, functions, and microservices.

We believe a language that connects polyglot services provides the most inclusive and unified platform opposed to focusing on extending one language which further fractures the many tribes of developers.

Storyscript does not replace any other language. It merely connects them together— freeing the developer to chose the correct language and tools for the task at hand.

Use Cases

All backend-oriented services can be easily spawned from Storyscript— often with a single line of code.

Here are a few examples of the types of use-cases Storyscript is empowered to fufill:

HTTP Requests and APIs Websockets Task Automation
Fully-Asyncronous Programming Cron Jobs Business Logic
Machine Learning Image/Video Processing CI/CD Pipelines
Microservices Orchestration Functional Computing Object Storage Interactions

To see a list of services that are available today, check out the Storyscript Hub!

Write your own story.


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